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Climate Change and the International Negotiations

Since 2011, QUNO has been following climate negotiations held through the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), including the COP 18 in Doha and a number of preparatory meetings.  In 2013, QUNO committed to intensifying its presence at the international negotiations in support of a fair and sufficient agreement. We are working through ‘quiet diplomacy’ to encourage trust-based discussions among negotiators and to support decision makers in boldly meeting the challenge of climate change.

We also bring experience of other international processes in areas such as human rights, disarmament, environment and trade. QUNO is exploring ways in which previous negotiations have overcome similar challenges to those faced within the UNFCCC. Through this, we aim to share new perspectives with those working towards an international climate agreement.

Recent Timeline Events

September 2014

QUNO is hosting events and releasing two new publications during the UN Climate Summit and the People's Climate March in New York

On 23 September, world leaders will meet in New York for the UN Climate Summit to highlight the urgency of acting on anthropogenic climate change. Civil society also plays a vital role in this process, as demonstrated by the momentous People’s Climate March.

In addition to joining the march and hosting two intimate "quiet conversation" luncheons with local faith communities, civil society actors and policymakers, the QUNO Human Impacts of Climate Change programme is delighted to announce two further texts to be released during this critical time.

A Call to Conscience: Quaker experiences facing the challenge of Climate Change” profiles interviews with Quakers worldwide on why they care about climate change, and what they are doing to address the challenge locally, nationally and internationally.

QUNO has also drafted a “Quaker Statement on Climate Change,” which was signed by Quaker organizations and distributed to all Yearly Meetings worldwide. The Statement recognizes the moral duty of Quakers worldwide to respond to the challenge of climate change and calls for meaningful international action on anthropogenic climate change.

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June 2014

Read QUNO Geneva's latest Geneva Reporter newsletter

QUNO Geneva is pleased to share the most recent issue of our Geneva Reporter newsletter and accompanying briefing paper on Conscientious Objection to Military Service. Other featured articles include updates on our Human Impacts of Climate Change work, Crossing Boundaries in Search of Equitable & Peaceful Natural Resource Management, Children of Parents Sentenced to Death, and Intellectual Property & Food Security.

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