Areas of Work

Our work priorities are based on the concerns of Quakers worldwide. Because QUNO facilitates meetings and work on sensitive topics, not all of our projects can be discussed publicly. Read below to learn more about our current programmes.

Quakers have participated in the UN Crime Congress and Commission in Vienna, since 1985, bringing issues such as restorative justice, women prisoners and the safety of prisoners to the attention of global policymakers. QUNO also addresses these issues through the UN Human Rights bodies in Geneva.

QUNO seeks to encourage a more holistic approach to peacebuilding and the prevention of violent conflict at the UN that takes into account local perspectives and the rebuilding of relationships. This includes a focus on the connections between peace, development, and the environment.

QUNO views climate change as an environmental, political and economic challenge that interconnects with its work on peace and justice issues.  We seek to highlight the human impacts of climate change at a time when communities worldwide are experiencing its consequences, yet man made greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) continue to rise at dangerous rates.

We promote informed and balanced discussion about what agricultural systems are best suited to different circumstances and needs.

We work to strengthen the promotion and protection of human rights through the United Nations system, with particular reference to the interface between human rights and armed conflicts, and the protection of refugees.

These are topics and issues that were major QUNO projects in the past.  For the most part, these projects are no longer active because our work in these areas resulted in the issues being addressed and recognized in the larger UN community.