Peace Week 2018: Sustaining Peace in an Era of Climate Change: Policy and Practice for Preventing Conflict

Photo credit: UNEP flikr


IHEID Environmental Committee and Quaker United Nations Office presents:

Palais des Nation – Room VIII
Thursday 08 November 10:45 am - 12:00 noon 

contact:, +41765965241

Climate change and other current environmental crises are a direct threat in themselves and a multiplier of many other threats, including poverty, displacement and violent conflict. How can a rights-based approach to climate action and natural resource management help sustain peace and prevent conflict in communities facing increasing and dangerous environmental disruption? Human security challenges due to climate change, and environmental cooperation for peacebuilding, will be discussed alongside the role of decentralized renewable energy systems as a form of peacebuilding.

Photo credit: UNEP flikr

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