Human Impacts of Climate Change

QUNO views climate change as an environmental, political and economic challenge that interconnects with its work on peace and justice issues. We seek to highlight the human impacts of climate change at a time when communities worldwide are experiencing its consequences, yet man made greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) continue to rise at dangerous rates.
October 2013

QUNO holds public lecture on “Building peace around land, food and water” at Earlham College, Indiana

 Diane Hendrick spoke to QUNO Geneva's work on natural resources, conflict and cooperation. She was also at Earlham College consulting on the issues of environment, natural resources and climate change in the review of the Oxford University Press International Encyclopedia of Peace.

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October 2013

QUNO attends UNFCCC Joint Workshop, Bonn, Germany

QUNO attended the UNFCCC Joint Workshop on the Framework for Various Approaches, Non-Market-Based Approaches and the New Market Mechanism in Bonn, Germany.

Lindsey Cook, representing QUNO, highlighted that current global emission rates are at "top end of ... emissions scenarios", likely leading to increased temperatures of 4.2 to 5 centigrade by 2100. She encouraged negotiators to act on the "small window to keep rising global temperatures below 2.6 degrees Centigrade", and spoke of negotiators’ "extraordinarily privileged position to act positively".

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September 2013

Water Management and Peacebuilding Seminar at the World Water Week in Stockholm

QUNO held - together with CARE International, Catholic Relief Service, CGIAR Challenge Programme on Water and Food; Howard G. Buffett Foundation; International Institute for Environment and Development and International Union for Conservation of Nature - a seminar on “Water Management and Peacebuilding: Connecting the Local to International Policy” at the Stockholm World Water Week in September. The seminar shared examples of policy and practice that bring water, land and food management together with peacebuilding and rights-based approaches. The seminar further explored ways to bring local communities into decision making around natural resource management, and ensure that local experience can inform national and international policy.  

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March 2013

QUNO makes statement at the Human Rights Council 22nd session

QUNO made a statement to the Independent Expert on human rights obligations relating to the enjoyment of a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment at the Human Rights Council 22nd session. QUNO drew particular attention to the valuable role that peacebuilding approaches can play in fulfilling procedural rights relating to natural resource management .

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