QUNO has fully-staffed offices in Geneva and New York.


Jonathan Woolley


Jonathan Woolley holds an MA in Natural Sciences and a PhD in Applied Biology from the University of Cambridge, UK. He joined QUNO in 2011, bringing more than thirty years’ professional experience of agricultural research, development and capacity building in some fifty countries. Starting as a volunteer teacher in Kenya, he then worked directly with poor farmers in Nigeria, Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico. From 1999 to 2009, he led two research networks directed at institutional reform, building cohesive small teams and strengthening innovative partnerships: a ground-breaking agricultural research fund in Ecuador, and the first phase of the "CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food" based in Sri Lanka and active in nine river basins around the world.  He originally joined Friends in the UK some forty years ago, and is a member of Mexico City Monthly Quaker Meeting.

Susan Bragdon

Representative for Food and Sustainability

Susan has a Bachelors Degree from Williams College, a Masters of Science in Resource Ecology from the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment, a Juris Doctorate from the University of Michigan Law School and is a member of the US Patent Bar.Susan has used her experience in science and law to work on critical global issues such as the conservation, use and management of biological diversity; creating compatibility with environment and agriculture; and promoting food security. She was the lawyer for the Secretariat for the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for the Convention on Biological Diversity and when the treaty was concluded Susan joined the treaty Secretariat as its first Legal Advisor. From 1997-2005 Susan worked with the International Plant Genetic Resources Institute as a Senior Scientist, Law & Policy, where she worked on legal and policy issues related to plant genetic resources and in particular managed projects on intellectual property rights, Farmers’ Rights, biotechnology and biological diversity, and on developing decision-making tools for the development of policy and law to manage plant genetic resources in the interest of food security.  Most recently, Susan was the Executive Director of Seeds for All, a US licensed strategic consulting practice focusing on global policy having an impact on the critical activities of the world’s small-scale farmers. She has published widely in international legal and scientific journals. Susan splits her time between Portland, Oregon and Geneva.

Lindsey Fielder Cook

Representative for Climate Change

Lindsey has a Bachelors in Politics from Durham University (UK), a Masters in Literature of Conflict from the York University (UK), and a Postgraduate Certificate in Climate Change and Sustainable Development from DeMonfort University (UK).  Prior to her appointment as Representative, she helped to expand the QUNO climate change work on a consultancy basis. Her work in climate change evolved from a conviction that the challenge of climate change is intimately linked to peace and justice issues. Lindsey previously worked with the United Nations on humanitarian efforts in the West Bank, the Former Yugoslavia and Somalia, as well as with donor coordination in Gaza and development and communications with the United Nations Volunteers HQ in Bonn.   She was a Programme Assistant at QUNO New York in 1986 and a teacher at the Friends School in Ramallah during the first intifada.  She writes fiction and non-fiction, and is a Member of German Yearly Meeting of Quakers.  She lives with her family in Bonn and works from QUNO's meeting space there.

Diane Hendrick

Representative for Peace and Disarmament

Diane Hendrick has been active in the field of peace and conflict for more than 30 years. For 16 of those years she worked as a freelance consultant, trainer and researcher in conflict transformation based in Vienna and has worked on peace and development related projects in Sri Lanka, the Middle East, and Albania. She has also co-directed a number of international peace education projects. Diane has lectured in peace studies at various universities in Austria, Ireland and England and has had extensive experience as a trainer in peacebuilding and conflict transformation working with a broad range of participants , inlcuding groups from areas of violent conflict, international institutions and national police forces. Before joining QUNO she worked with Peace Brigades International in Indonesia. Diane has a First in Peace Studies from Bradford University, an MPhil in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University and a PhD in Conflict Resolution also from Bradford University. Diane was Programme Assistant at QUNO Geneva in 1985-86. She is a member of Manchester and Warrington Area Meeting in the UK.

Laurel Townhead

Representative for Human Rights and Refugees

Laurel Townhead has a Bachelors Degree in Law & Politics from the University of Manchester and a Masters in International Human Rights Law from the University of Essex. Laurel previously worked with QUNO as a Human Rights and Refugees Programme Assistant and Project Officer (2005-2007) and returns to QUNO Geneva after working on human rights protection in the UK, with a particular focus on people in the criminal justice system. Prior to joining QUNO, Laurel worked for 5 years as Policy and Campaigns Manager for Women in Prison. This role included pursuing the domestic implementation of the Bangkok Rules on the Treatment of Women Prisoners, which Laurel contributed to drafting. Laurel has also worked on a wide range of human rights and refugee protection issues, including contributing to international litigation on the right to conscientious objection to military service. Laurel has been an attender of Peckham Quaker Meeting in London for several years.

Catherine Baker

Programme Assistant, Human Rights and Refugees

Catherine is from York (UK) and has a Bachelors degree in History from the University of Bristol and a Masters degree in Human Rights from the School of Advanced Study, University of London. Since graduating, Catherine worked for the All-Party Parliamentary Human Rights Group, a group of Parliamentarians interested in raising the profile of international human rights issues in the UK Parliament. She has also volunteered for over two years with people held in immigration detention centres in the UK, interned with a migrant health policy charity and spent three months working with disability rights organisations in Burkina Faso. She has also been actively involved in community mental health work during her time living in London, launching a community wellbeing project and running a gardening project for people affected by mental illness.  

Cassandra Moll

Programme Assistant, Peacebuilding and Climate Change

Cassie has dual heritage (English and Indian) and was raised in both India and the UK. She has a BA in War, Peace and International Relations from the University of Reading. After her BA, Cassie had the opportunity to live and work in China as an English teacher for two years, an experience which was enriching and developed her interest in Asian politics. She went on to study a Masters in International Relations from Queen’s University Belfast in 2015. During her studies, Cassie also interned with War on Want NI (Northern Ireland), and volunteered with Oxfam Ireland. Her work and studies primarily focused on peace, conflict and climate change—themes she is excited to explore further during her year at QUNO. 

Nora Meier

Programme Assistant, Food & Sustainability

Nora Meier is from Zurich, Switzerland and has a BA in Political Science and a Master in Public Administration (Global Leadership and Management), both from Portland State University (USA). Prior to joining QUNO, she worked for the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability in Portland, where she was introduced to the implication of sustainable development as it relates to accommodating urban growth and land use management. In 2015, Nora volunteered for Green Empowerment, a local non-profit organization working to provide rural areas of the developing world with clean water and access to renewable energy. Both positions, as well as other projects she has worked on as a research assistant, have further developed her interest in sustainable development, with a particular focus on food and agricultural systems as they link to violent conflict. 

René Lejeune

Finance Officer

René studied at the International School of Geneva before starting his career in international banking in Geneva and Johannesburg. He has worked as management consultant for an American company, as a coffee and cocoa trader in Africa and Madagascar, and in administration and finance with international companies in Geneva. He completed his studies as Swiss specialist in finance and accounting in 2006 and is now member of the Board of a dozen SMEs. He also works as a consultant in finance, human resources, fiscal issues and organization with both small and large companies.

Stephen Schenck

Communications Consultant

Stephen Schenck joined QUNO in February 2014 and brings 15+ years of marketing and communications experience in the private and public sectors. Previously, Stephen held international leadership and client service roles with The Nielsen Company, a leading global information and market research company. In 2006, he joined Nielsen's fledgling social media division in New York, consulting major global brands on social media research and marketing best practices, and eventually relocating to Europe in 2010 to help lead its business there. Stephen earned his Bachelors of Journalism degree from The University of Texas at Austin and began his career working in public relations and communications for non-profit and public organizations in Texas.

Susan Sprague Parachini

Office Manager

Susan, a Canadian with a B.A. in Geography from the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, joined QUNO in March 2014. She traveled the world extensively as an administrative manager of different resorts of a well-known hotel chain before settling in Geneva to work as office manager and assistant to the ambassador of the Colombian Mission to the World Trade Organization. Susan then worked as project finance officer for the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Association (IUF), running educational projects on health and safety in the workplace for IUF members worldwide. Most recently Susan and her husband created and ran a restaurant in Burgundy, France, before returning to Geneva in autumn 2013.

New York

Rachel Madenyika

Quaker UN Representative

Rachel F. Madenyika joins QUNO with a broad range of experience in economic and social development, financial and nonprofit management. A former QUNO Program Assistant in 2000, Rachel is glad to return and continue Quaker work at the UN.  In the intervening 14 years, Rachel has also worked in various capacities with organizations such as the International Center for Transitional Justice, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars – Kennan Institute, and WITNESS Inc. She has consulted with Save the Children, the European Commission and the UN.  Rachel comes to us from HealthRight International where she served as the CFO for 6 years.  She holds an M.A. in Economics from the New School for Social Research and a M.Sc. in Nonprofit Management & Urban Policy from the Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy. Born in Zimbabwe, Rachel was raised following the tenets of Quakerism.

Andrew Tomlinson

Director & Quaker UN Representative

Andrew Tomlinson is Director of the Quaker UN Office (QUNO) in New York. He holds Masters Degrees from the University of Cambridge and the University of Pennsylvania, where he specialized in South Asia and the Middle East. Andrew joined QUNO in 2008 after working in international finance and socially responsible investing in London and New York. Andrew’s programmatic focus includes the integration of peacebuilding and prevention perspectives across the UN system, and upholding the role of peaceful, just and inclusive societies within development frameworks and beyond. A Quaker since he came to Philadelphia from the UK on an exchange scholarship, Andrew is now a member of Chatham-Summit Monthly Meeting in New Jersey.

Anna Mijnlieff

Programme Assistant

Anna has dual heritage, being both English and Dutch; she grew up in the Netherlands and later moved to England for Secondary school. Anna holds a BA in Development and Peace Studies from the University of Bradford in the UK, and a MSc in International Development Studies from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands. In her studies Anna has focused on land issues, relating particularly to local level conflict and cooperation as well as social movements relating to land. For her MSc she spent time collecting data in Southern Kenya for her thesis, specifically looking into how changes in land ownership patterns can provide lessons for conflict mitigation. Having spent time studying conflict and cooperation, she is excited to be working with Friends in order to learn more about how policy works at an international level. An attendee of Quaker meetings since her teens, Anna looks forward to being part of a Quaker organization professionally, and gaining a greater understanding of how Quakers operate in the United States. 

Hafsa Maalim

Programme Assistant

Originally from Kenya, Hafsa has a degree in law and is interested in advocating for women’s rights. In several capacities, she has worked with women’s rights groups in both Kenya and Mauritius. She also took part in the research that helped in establishing the curricular for the judicial training institute in Kenya. Hafsa has worked collaboratively with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) on the use and impact of international humanitarian laws in the greater horn region, and is currently undertaking her LLM in alternative dispute resolution with a focus on meditation and negotiation. Hafsa will be working with the prevention of violent conflict program at QUNO, an area she’s been very keen to venture into. As a Muslim, she is excited to work with a Quaker Organization and explore shared beliefs. She enjoys traveling and is a culture enthusiast.

Elisabeth Halliday-Quan

Office Coordinator

Originally from Lexington, Massachusetts, Elisabeth Halliday-Quan studied German and Linguistics at Johns Hopkins University and Vocal Performance at the Peabody Conservatory. A Unitarian Universalist, Elisabeth is thrilled to be working with Friends, whose ideals and beliefs mirror her own. As well as working at QUNO, Elisabeth sings with and co-runs the non-profit opera company Rhymes With Opera. When not singing or coordinating the Quaker United Nations Office, Elisabeth spends time with her wife - a U.U. minister-in-training - and their cat, Hildegard von Harlem.

Megan Schmidt

Quaker UN Representative

Megan joins QUNO with knowledge and experience in the fields of human rights and atrocities prevention, and holds Masters degrees in Humanities and Social Thought from New York University and in Human Rights and Genocide Studies from Kingston University. Having worked with the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect, the Wiener Library, and the Kurdish Human Rights Project, Megan has conducted comparative genocide research, worked to advance the Responsibility to Protect at the UN and globally, and implemented a diverse range of atrocity prevention programs throughout the world. She has a range of materials focusing on the Responsibility to Protect, women’s rights and participation, among other issues related to the field of atrocity prevention. Megan is excited to work with QUNO to represent and uphold Quaker values, which mirror those instilled in her through her upbringing in the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Outside of QUNO, Megan is also an avid runner, and spends time with her husband, dog and two cats.