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In the area of reconciliation, QUNO seeks to increase the UN’s understanding and support for healing and restorative processes, in particular at the grassroots level. Approaches such as "restorative peacebuilding" offer a lens through which the UN can approach peacebuilding and the prevention of violent conflict in a more holistic way. 

In the area of dialogue, QUNO seeks to lift up local level mediation processes as well as encourage the UN to support inclusive national processes that take into account local perspectives. 

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May 2015

UNITAR Seminar: "The Nexus of Reconciliation and Peacebuilding"

In May, QUNO New York Director, Andrew Tomlinson, spoke during a UNITAR Seminar for mid-level UN Diplomats, on the subject of "The Nexus of Reconciliation and Peacebuilding." The Seminar which aimed to familiarize the participants with the principles of reconciliation as a process for peacebuilding, was well attended by representatives from many member state missions. 

The presentation during the session stressed that "Reconciliation can be usefully viewed as the process of transforming relationships in divided societies. 
It is a multi-generational process, applicable at any level of development, whether societies are marked by violent conflict or not." 

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February 2015

"Tilting the UN Toward Peace & Justice" - Northern Spirit Radio Interview

In February, QUNO New York Director and UN Representative, Andrew Tomlinson, was interviewed by the Northern Spirit Radio, to talk about the work of the Quaker United Nations Office and share some insights on current UN processes and focus. Titled: "Tilting the UN Toward Peace & Justice" - the full interview can be found here

Northern Spirit Radio promotes world healing by broadcasting inspirational and educational voices of peace and social justice using the language of personal story, music, and spirituality.

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